He begins studying photography post secondary studiesat Leon Ortega School of Art in Huelva, where he finishes his studying in 2019. After that period of time, he begins to collaborate in media such as El Salto and another local newspapers and magazines, Using photojournalism to tell under his gaze; social movements, situations of inequality, neglect, loneliness and migrations. In 2021 he awards We Are Photo grant for his project "Capeando el temporal", in which he crudely shows the situation in which seasonal migrants who work in Huelva's fields and inhabit the uncountable shantytowns live. In 2022 he travelled to Poland and Ukraine to cover the refugee crisis and war for several Spanish media. In 2023, he started volunteering with the NGO No Name Kitchen on the Spanish-Moroccan border (Ceuta) to tell the story of the violence and inequalities suffered by people on the move. During this period he travels to Morocco to document the ravages of the earthquake in September.

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